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経済学101, Economics 101,  is a non-profit organization founded to provide high quality information on economics in Japan. It is named after Economics 101, a course number widely used for introductory economics classes in the U.S. colleges. It aims to supply a free collection of basic educational materials and translations on the subject online.


Why has the growth of the Japanese economy drastically slowed since 1990 and how can we get out of this so-called Lost Decade? It has been debated by many economists, politicians, and others, not only in Japan, but worldwide. Especially after the financial crisis in 2008, other economies including the U.S. and the U.K. have started to resemble that of Japan and there has been renewed interest in the Japanese economy and its problems.

One of our missions is to supply the translations of the debates about the Japanese economy to the public in Japan. Although so many great articles about the Japanese economy have been written in newspapers and blogs outside Japan, they are not accessible to people living in the very country. We want to change this by acquiring translation rights from writers and bloggers overseas and  provide the free translations online with the help from our contributors, including professional translators.

Our Partners

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Takayuki Takinami
Representative Director, Economics 101

Rion Aoki
Representative Director, Economics 101